Glue Trimone 500g

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Glue brand Trimona, well known among all of us who make up the handball family, this 500g can available in 24 hours at home.


Trimona glue in size 500 grams is the best-selling glue on the market. A wax for players to ensure that the ball has much more grip in their hands, improving grip to play more concentrated and not lose control of the ball.

Trimona is the largest handball brand in the world thanks in large part to its well-known standard or classic bottles, which are easily recognized by its green bottle. Have you never seen them on the handball benches?

This resin, which is sold in 500 gram jars, is completely natural and is dermatologically tested and free of all harmful substances so that it does not harm your skin.

If you want to enjoy the best touch with the handball, do not hesitate to get this fantastic resin that the most purists of the sport will fall in love with.

Also available in 125gr and 250gr trimona cans. More resins at

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