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The best brands of handball balls in Balonmano Pro Shop

Handball balls come in a multitude of colors and with a wide variety of surfaces. If you have any questions about choosing your favorite ball, write to us and we will help you buy your ball. One of the best-selling balls in the store is the Molten x1800. It is a medium-high range ball at a very affordable price. Also within the web you can find packs of 5 balls where you will benefit from a small discount.

Find the balls that best suit your game

The handball ball is the dream of all our clients, to see it in the rival goal. That is why in our store we have the largest variety of handballs in all brands.

Handball balls of the best brands used in official competitions

At Balonmano Pro Shop we have a wide variety of handball balls. We have Kempa, Select, Hummel, Molten and Salming balls. And you can get them from the cheapest ones like the Kempa Tiro or Kempa Leo, to the most demanded ones like the Molten 3200 or the Select Solera. In addition, now as a novelty, we also offer the new ball without resin D60 from the Molten brand.