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Buy the best equipment and accessories of Dani Dujshebaev in our online store

Do you want all the material from Dani Dujshebaev, the young brother, a player with a great future both in the Spanish handball team and in Polish KS Kielce? In his category you will find both his Adidas footwear and the Spanish National Team handball shirt.

Feel like the Hispano Dani Dujshebaev with the products of Balonmano Pro Shop

Dani Dujshebaev is an Adidas handball player, and uses the Adidas stabil next gen, a shoe with great stability and dynamism, the best seller in the 2021/2022 season.

Who is Dani Dujshebaev? His story and greatest achievements

Dani Dujshebaev is the center of the Spanish team. A player with great defensive work, a good outside shot and tremendous potential to develop. At Balonmano Pro Shop we consider him a player who has an incredible team projection.

History and greatest achievements of Dani Dujshevaeb

Born on July 4, 1997, he comes from a family with a great tradition in this sport, being the son of the also famous player Talant Dujshebaev and brother of the also professional player Álex Dujshevaeb. Dani plays in the center back position, although he can also occupy the wings, and is recognized for his agility, technical skills and ability to score from different positions on the field. It was at FC Barcelona where he made the leap to the ASOBAL League. Then, after a brief spell at Atlético Valladolid, he emigrated to the Polish club Kielce, where he has been based since 2017, including a year on loan to the Slovenian Celje. As a Hispanic, Dani Dujshevaeb has been a key member of the team, contributing to victories in European championships (gold in 2018 and 2020) and world championships (bronze in 2021 and 2023). His ability to lead the game and his versatility make him one of the most influential players on the international handball scene.