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Buy the best handball resin in our online store

In Balonmano Pro Shop you will find the market leading rosin, trimona balonmano, this rosin designed for handball, has several types of glue, the most typical are its 250 and 500 gram green cans. High quality resin at a very low price. Resin that is durable at high and low temperatures, and with a durability that allows you to leave a jar half tightly closed, during the holiday period and it only dries if the first layer is left in a good place, we could reuse it, this is a clear example of the quality of TRIMONA HANDBALL. We can find in our store the 125g 250g and 500g TRIMONA cans, we also have the EASY CLEAN TRIMONA 250G for handball. As more exclusive products in Balonmano Pro Shop we have the TRIMONA 200 ml spray paste remover and the TRIMONA 100 ml liquid paste remover. We also have a Kempa resin with the guarantee of this popular brand in the world of handball. All these paste and remove-resin are products designed exclusively for handball, for you. And the best thing is that in 24 hours they are in your pavilion. At Balonmano Pro Shop we have a wide variety of resins. Resin from the Select, Hummel, Kempa brand and above all resin from the Leading brand in the world of Handball, Trimona resin. In addition, you can also find hand cleaners, floor cleaners of all kinds and clothes cleaners on our website, since resin is an essential product for practicing handball, but at the same time it is a sticky product that can leave a stain.

How to remove the glue or resin from handball effectively?

Within our range of products we have a 500 ml bottle of liquid from the Trimona brand that is used to clean the remains of resin that may remain on your clothes. The Handball resin helps you a lot when playing, but at the same time it is a sticky product, which can end up in our sportswear. The Trimtic product cleans Trimona clothes, makes this cleaning job easier for us.

Acquire resin from the Trimona brand, with free shipping in less than one week.

The leading resin brand is Pega Trimona. It is the best on the market, thanks to its affordable prices, it is one of the best-selling products in the world of Handball. You can find the resin Handball in different sizes, 125g, 250g and 500g. The most demanded are the 250g and 500g, since its price in relation to the size of the can is very economical. In addition to the resin, Trimona offers us a wide variety of products for cleaning all types of floors, cleaning hands and cleaning clothes. Finally, at Balonmano Pro Shop you will find packs of 5, 10 and 20 Trimona resin cans at unbeatable prices.

Why is resin important in handball?

Resin is one of our star products, since in most leagues and countries it is used to play Handball. It is a product that helps you grip the ball and makes practicing sports more comfortable. At Balonmano Pro Shop we have a high-quality resin at a fairly affordable price. It is durable at both high and low temperatures. A pot of resin that has been opened at the end of the season could be used in perfect condition at the beginning of the next.